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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nursing schools struggling to find professors

The Nursing shortage will be returning soon, along with an improving economy. Expect the shortage to be more severe than ever based on 2 factors.  Older Nurses remained in the workforce during the recession and are now eager to retire.  The shortage of nursing faculty is even more acute than the shortage of nurses.  My own experience shows that there are insufficient numbers of doctorally prepared nurses to step into faculty roles.  This shortage creates an extremely stressful working environment.  As states and universities push to add more students to nursing programs, the already overworked faculty are often required to take on the extra workload.  And for nursing you can't just hire any warm body on the street corner.  There are very few teaching jobs where the faculty need to worry about whether their students will kill someone that day.  Nursing is one of them.  Young nurses - please consider going on to a doctorate - don't just do the Master's program to boost your clinical competence - head straight to the PhD or DNP.  Please contact me if you are a nursing program struggling with this situation.  Or a student interested in a career in academic nursing.

Nursing schools struggling to find professors - San Antonio Express-News

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